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ChromaPly LD is perfectly suited for demanding applications requiring strength and stability. With 10 brilliant colors to choose from, let your imagination run wild layering alternating colors to bring out the uniqueness of your creation. 


Just like ChromaPly LD, ChromaPly HD is made from the finest grade of Baltic White Birch available on the world market, with supreme bonding integrity and color brilliance. What differentiates ChromaPly HD from our standard grade low-density wood is the use of thinner veneers. 

colored wood laminate sample in rings


For those who’ve mourned the loss of Dymondwood, very soon we will have the next best thing, ChromaPly Phenolic Laminate. Under testing now, ChromaPly Phenolic Laminate starts with Dymondwood as the baseline and excels from there.

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ChromaPly® is crafted by the engineers at C-K Composites.