The ideal color wood laminate material for any application demanding strength, stability & beauty.

Make a statement with the richest laminate, dyed to perfection.

Guess what? We’re engineers.
That love wood.

‘Top-Grade A’ birch. Never anything less.

ChromaPly® is engineered using only 100% Grade A top-quality white Baltic birch veneer. We insist on using high-quality wood to insure thorough fiber dye penetration providing deep, consistent color throughout our panels.

ChromaPly® is built to be stronger and more stable than single grain woods and other composite materials.  Our engineers have formulated a proprietary combination of dyes and resin types to provide the perfect balance of rigidity and density at the least possible weight. And, speaking of density, we’re able to modify our densities to your exact project requirements.  Like single-grain woods, you can also accentuate the brilliance of your stocks and other projects with engraving and checkering better than other laminates on the market today.

Backed by our quality satisfaction guarantee, you’ll have the confidence of knowing each stock you create will always meet or exceed your expectations. We guarantee it!

ChromaPly. Bold by Color. Strong by Science.

ChromaPly® can be made to order using the available colors shown below with any layup pattern desired. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a beautiful True Black that others have struggled with for years. Create your custom laminate panel today!

True Black


Deep Brown


Red Ruby


Emerald Green

Olive Green

Royal Blue



Panel Sizes:  (L X W)
48 ¼” x 14 ½” (1225.55mm x 368.3mm)

Thicknesses: ½” – 4” (12.7mm – 101.6mm) +/- 1/16” tolerance

Panel Yield

All panel edges are trimmed unless otherwise requested.

Over 50 years of engineering experience in hardwood lamination.

Yes, we’re engineers that know our stuff! ChromaPly® was developed by the engineers at C-K Composites Company located in Mt. Pleasant, PA. With over 50 years of experience specifically in hardwood lamination, we currently sell our hardwood composite materials into the electrical, transportation and defense industries.


Proven Strong!

New & Improved Sealing Process

Enriched Glue Compounds

100% Customer Satisfaction

Experience the difference. 100% money-back!*

Our engineers have perfected our laminate to the point that we guarantee our craftsmanship. If at any point in your creative process you notice an open defect, delamination or inconsistent dye absorption, we’ll issue a refund or replace it.*

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ChromaPly® laminate is crafted by the engineers at C-K Composites.

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